Cotton: Pentagon Gives More Leave for Abortion than Parents’ Funerals, Uses Dem Euphemism, Then Says We’re Political

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) criticized the Biden administration for accusing Republicans of politicizing the military for pushing back against the administration’s abortion travel policy that gives people more leave to travel for abortion than they do for parental funerals. He also criticized the White House and the Pentagon for couching the policy in euphemistic language about “reproductive health care.”

Cotton said, “[T]he Democratic Party has such skewed priorities that the policy of our military is now that they’re going to pay 15 days of leave, not charged against your annual leave and your travel and your lodging and your meals so you can go get an elective abortion. But if your mom or dad dies, you get to take leave out of your own 30 days of annual leave and you have to pay all your expenses. [Those are] the Democratic Party’s priorities.”

He added, “And then they turn around and accuse us of trying to politicize the military, when it’s the Biden administration that has injected all these issues,” and “John Kirby and Lloyd Austin and all these Democrats, they keep talking about reproductive health care. Let’s be clear…this is abortion. Do you know who doesn’t think it’s reproductive health care? The baby. It’s like Ronald Reagan used to say, I’ve noticed that everyone in favor of abortion has already been born.”

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