EXCLUSIVE– Donald Trump Jr: ‘Steep’ Learning Curve in Knowing Who to Surround Yourself with in D.C.

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday said there was an “incredibly steep” learning curve in knowing who to surround yourself with in D.C. but offered a promising word to those who are worried about a second Trump term. After four years of experience, “you know who the snakes are [and] you know not to put them on.”

Breitbart News asked Donald Trump Jr. what he would say to voters who have concerns over personnel who former President Trump surrounded himself with during the first term, and he explained that the learning curve has been “steep.”

“I think the learning curve has been incredibly steep. Right? You come in as an outsider,” he began during an interview at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. “There’s ups to that there’s a lot of advantage, right? You’re not locked into the dogma, and we saw that, as in getting these deals done in the Middle East and getting a lot done in North Korea and with China,” he explained.

“Like you moved a lot of needles. Now when that comes to personnel. You may not know right?” he said, explaining that the currency in D.C. is “those favors.”

“So you put someone in the position and eventually they’ll put you in a position, and everyone moves themselves ahead that way. It takes a while to figure that out,” he said, contending that Trump now has four years of experience of this behind him and fully understands the extent of that problem.

“Now that you have that four years of experience, now you know, you know who the snakes are,” he said. “You know not to put them on. You’ve seen what they’ve tried to do to my father. I think they’re trying to put them away for 450 years, I believe. They tried to put me in jail for treason– a crime punishable by death. … Now you got a guy that actually knows and wants to do something about [and] fully understands just how bad that problem is.”

“And that’s what D.C. fears more than anything, as evidenced by the visceral reaction you see, frankly from both sides. Meaning the uniparty– the Democrats and their Justice Department, as well as sort of the RINO Republicans and the weaklings,” he added.

WATCH the full interview below:

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News


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