Watch Live: House Hearing on How Biden, Mayorkas Have Given Control of Border to Cartels

The House Committee on Homeland Security will hear testimony on July 19 how President Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have given control of the southern border to cartels.

“For far too long, Secretary Mayorkas has facilitated the business model of criminal cartels by rewarding their illegal activity with his catch-and-release policies,” committee chairman Mark Green (R-TN) wrote in an announcement. “Now, families in every state in America have mourned the tragic loss of loved ones from fentanyl poisoning while Border Patrol agents are stretched far too thin across hundreds of miles of our Southwest border and have faced continued threats and violence at the hands of human smugglers.”

Additionally, ranchers and farmers on the frontlines of this crisis have watched their land turn into stash houses and highways for the cartels. While Secretary Mayorkas, by his own admission, may be unaware of the methods cartels use to spread addiction and destruction across our country, this Committee, and the American people, are not. Homeland Republicans will not stop until we determine the full extent of this administration’s tacit participation in criminal drug cartels and Secretary Mayorkas’ complete dereliction of duty.

Scheduled to testify are:

  • Jaeson Jones
    Private Citizen, Former Captain of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Jessica Vaughan
    Director of Policy Studies, Center for Immigration Studies
  • Derek Maltz
    Private Citizen, Former Special Agent in Charge, Special Operations Division, Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Vanda Felbab-Brown, PhD
    Director, Initiative on Nonstate Armed Actors, the Brookings Institution


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