EXCLUSIVE — ‘Sound of Freedom’ Producer: ‘God’s Children Are Not for Sale’

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

“God’s children are not for sale,” Sound of Freedom producer Eduardo Verástegui told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend.

The box office surprise is a perfect example of good people coming together to “save the children,” Verástegui said, giving glory to God for the tremendous success of the film.

“I’m so grateful to God. All glory to God. He’s doing everything,” he said days ahead of former President Donald Trump hosting a viewing of the movie at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, taking place on Wednesday.

When asked about backlash against the film, including a CNN guest who suggested the film was created out of a “moral panic,” Verástegui laughed and said their criticisms come “too late.”

“This is ridiculous. It is. I mean, I laughed so hard … They underestimate … this film. And that’s why this film was not attacked in the beginning, because they thought, ‘These guys are nothing. Disney will bury them alive.’ When they saw that this film was the people’s movie, not the establishment movie, people show up. So then, when they saw the success, that we were the number one movie of America, they start attacking the film. It’s too late. Too late,” he said, contending the movement is growing despite their last-ditch efforts to thwart it.

“No one can stop this movement. … This just the beginning. … We received like more than 700 emails yesterday from all over the planet, asking for the film in each country. This is going to be bigger than what we thought, and I’m so grateful to God and especially, millions of people are praying. I believe in the power of prayer,” he said.

“Millions of people are praying for this film since many years ago. And I see that this is God is using broken instruments like us to deliver a message of love. And He’s creating, He’s putting together an army of love to save the children, which are our little brothers and little sisters. I’m just so happy to be part of something bigger than myself,” he said, urging viewers to see the movie and buy tickets for themselves, family members, and others.

“God bless you. God’s children are not for sale. We can end this,” he added.

WATCH the full interview below:

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News


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