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Texas Investigates Allegations of ‘Inhumane’ Border Policies Made by State Trooper

Texas Department of Public Safety Office of Inspector General investigators are looking into allegations of “inhumane” border security policies made by a DPS trooper deployed to the border region. A DPS trooper alleged he was ordered to “push people (migrants) back into the water to go to Mexico.” He also expressed concern over an order to “not give people water.”

Texas Highway Patrol trooper appears to instruct migrants to return to Mexico. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

26 Migrants Found Dead in One Texas County this Year

Texas sheriff’s deputies in a county located 80 miles north of the border with Mexico recovered the bodies or remains of at least 26 migrants so far this year. The migrants mostly died while crossing through ranches to circumvent a

Border Patrol Agents and Brooks County Sheriff's Office Deputies recover the body of an illegal immigrant in Brooks County. (File Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas)

WATCH: Texas Deploys Multi-Layer Border Strategy to Deter, Turnback Migrants at Border

Under Operation Lone Star, the Texas Department of Public Safety and National Guard Units deployed a multi-layer strategy to deter and turn back migrants attempting to cross the border from Mexico. That strategy includes the construction of physical barriers like border walls, fencing., razor wire, and rail containers, in addition to deploying tactical response units and marine operators.

Texas deploys a multi-layer border security strategy to deter and turn back border crossers. (Photos: State of Texas)

Migrant Death Toll at Border Climbs to 23 in Two Weeks

The death toll of migrants crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. during the past two weeks climbed over the weekend to 23. The news came in a tweet on Monday from the new chief of the Border Patrol.

Cindy Vanessa Mendez kneels over her father's body. Omar Mendez Perez died after being left behind by human smugglers after he fell ill and was unable to keep up. (Photo: Brooks County Sheriff's Office)

WATCH: CBP Aircrew Rescues Two U.S. Hikers from Mountain near Border in Arizona

A CBP Air and Marine Operations helicopter aircrew teamed up with Border Patrol agents to rescue two U.S. citizens who became overwhelmed by the heat on an Arizona desert mountain. After initial life-saving treatment by Border Patrol agents, the aircrew hoisted the couple from the mountain and transported them to a hospital for additional evaluation and treatment.

Border Patrol agents rescue a Mexican migrant who broke his leg in a remote area of the Arizona desert. (File Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

Migrant Smugglers Busted in Arizona near Border

Border Patrol agents in the Yuma and Tucson Sectors continue to arrest suspected human smugglers with migrants packed into vehicles. In one case, the driver appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, officials stated.

Yuma and Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrest migrants and alleged human smugglers in Arizona. (U.S. Border Patrol)

Migrant Infant, 3 Adults Drowned While Crossing Border River into Texas

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers recovered the bodies of four migrants from the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass. The drowning victims included an infant who was carried into the border river. The drownings occurred in three separate incidents over a 48-hour period.

Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens rescue ten migrants from drowning in the Rio Grande in April 2021. (Image: U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

1.9 Million Fentanyl Pills Seized in Two Weeks at Arizona Border Crossing

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations officers in Nogales, Arizona, stopped two major drug shipments over the weekend. In two separate incidents, the officers seized more than 670,000 fentanyl pills and nearly 48 pounds of methamphetamine. These officers seized nearly two million fentanyl pills in less than two weeks.

CBP officers in Nogales seized more than 670K fentanyl pills in two shipments. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Nogales Port of Entry)

Abandoned Migrant Rescued as Large Groups Continue Crossing Border into Texas

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents saved the life of a migrant who suffered severe dehydration after being abandoned near the border in South Texas in record-breaking heat. Temperatures in the area are forecast to hit nearly 110 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, and highs will remain over 100 degrees for at least the next two weeks.

Eagle Pass South Station Border Patrol agents rescue a migrant suffering severe heat exhaustion. (U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

Texas Troopers Bust Alleged Human Smuggler on Border River

Texas Department of Public Safety Tactical Marine Unit troopers arrested a Mexican national for allegedly smuggling migrants across the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass. The Texas troopers teamed up with Florida Fish and Wildlife game wardens deployed to the border region under Operation Lone Star.

Texas DPS troopers and Florida game wardens teamed up to arrest an alleged Mexican national on human smuggling charges near Eagle Pass. (Texas Department of Public Safety Video Screenshot)

Four Migrants Found Dead in 24 Hours in One Texas Border Sector

The blistering heat along the Texas border in the Del Rio Sector claimed the lives of at least four migrants during a 24-hour period this week. The weather forecast calls for high temperatures above 105° Fahrenheit for at least the next week.

Border Patrol Agents and Brooks County Sheriff's Office Deputies recover the body of an illegal immigrant in Brooks County. (File Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas)

Gulf Cartel Human Smuggler Busted near Border, Say Texas Troopers

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers arrested a man they say is a Gulf Cartel operative near the border town of Mission. The troopers report the Mexican national, illegally present in the U.S., helped five migrants cross the Rio Grande

Texas DPS troopers arrested Jose Juan Eufracio Medina for allegedly smuggling five migrants near Mission, Texas. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

170K Migrants Apprehended in May at Southern Border Doubles Biden’s Inaugural Month

Border Patrol agents along the southwest border with Mexico apprehended nearly 170,000 migrants who crossed between ports of entry in May. While this is down from the more than 183,000 apprehended in April, it is more than double the 71,141 apprehensions in January 2021 — the month President Joe Biden took office.

74 Central American migrants in Eagle Pass. (Law Enforcement Photo)

3 Migrant Children Found Abandoned in Texas near Border River

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers discovered three migrant children who had been abandoned near the banks of the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass. In a separate incident, troopers also found two single adult males from Uzbekistan.

Texas DPS troopers found three Honduran migrant children on the bank of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas. (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Texas Congressman Wants DNA Testing of Migrant Children at Border

U.S. Representative Lance Gooden (R-TX) reintroduced a bill last week to help reduce migrant “child recycling” to bypass immigration policies and cut down on child-trafficking practices. The bill became necessary after the Biden administration ended a policy put in place by then-President Donald Trump to test the familial relationship between a migrant and a child.

Children stand next to the parents as they wait to be taken to a Border Patrol intake station after being smuggled across the Rio Grande river in Roma, Texas Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Roma, a town of 10,000 people with historic buildings and boarded-up storefronts in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, …

Feds’ Official Tweets Reveal Cruelty of Biden’s ‘Humane’ Border Policies

Official tweets from U.S. Border Patrol sector chiefs reveal the chaos and inhumanity of border security and immigration policies described by the Biden administration as “safe, orderly, and humane.” The tweets illustrate the cruelty human smugglers subject migrants to while exploiting the lax policies that appear to invite illegal crossings.

Groups of migrants totaling more than 1,000 crossed the border near El Paso on Wednesday. (U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector)

Texas Designates Drug Cartels as ‘Foreign Terrorist Organizations’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law designating drug cartels to be “Foreign Terrorist Organizations.” The new law will expand the state’s ability to fight the activities of Mexican drug cartels in connection to human smuggling, drug smuggling, money laundering, and other organized criminal activities.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs legislation designating drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. (Office of the Texas Governor)